A Short History

Hiram Bingham was founded in 1980 and began life in a house in San Isidro. It moved to its current site in Santiago de Surco in 1985, which at that time was simply a large piece of land without buildings or grass. The first classes took place in prefabricated wooden rooms. Over the years, the permanent buildings were added. Primary, in 1986-87, and the Secondary (with only two floors) in 1992-93. The Arts and Sports building was partially opened in 1998 although it was not until 2011 that it was completed when the theatre was formally opened.

Hiram Bingham has always had an international outlook and one part of this has always been the British connection. The founding Headteacher, Elsie Eckford (Ms. Stevie) was British and this tradition has been maintained with Derek Pringle, who has been the Headteacher for over 25 years in total. The system of four houses, a feature of so many British schools, was introduced in 1988.

Isabel Massa is another of the founders and for over 40 years she has worked as the school promoter and administrator. Her energy and organisational abilities have been fundamental in establishing the success of the school. She was also heavily involved in the design and supervision of all the building work that took place throughout those decades.

At the same time, Isabel’s strong sense of ethics have made a lasting impression on the ethos of Hiram Bingham.

Isabel Massa (Ms. Chabuca) - School founder

The school started out being only for girls, but with the changes in society and in educational thinking, the first boys were admitted from 1998. The 49 students of 1980 have now become almost 700. However, the central idea of very personalized attention and of being a family school with a maximum of 50 students per year group, has always been maintained. The wellbeing of our students continues to be our number one priority.

The academic area is of course another key part of Hiram Bingham. We are generally considered to be one of the leading International Baccalaureate schools in Peru. The IB Diploma programme was introduced in 1998, the MYP programme was authorized in 2001, followed by the PYP programme in 2003. We thus became the first school in the country (and one of the first in the continent) to be authorized for all three programmes. Another academic milestone came in 2022 when we became the first school in Peru to be evaluated by the IB in the continuum of all the programmes.