Accreditations and Affiliations

Hiram Bingham has always believed in the importance of collaboration with other institutions and belongs to a wide variety of organisations.

We are members of the International Baccalaureate Organisation and this membership goes well beyond the curriculum we offer. The IB offers our staff very frequent professional training and updating, besides a detailed inspection every five years of our implementation of all the programmes. An important number of our staff also gain valuable educational experience through being examiners, workshop leaders and trainers for the IB.

We also belong to the BSP (British Schools of Peru), which provides a variety of inter-school activities such as English spelling challenges, debates, short story competitions, chess competitions, a one act play festival and environmental activities.

On a wider scale we are one of the founder members of the LAHC (Latin American Heads Conference), which brings together some 40 schools of British origin throughout Latin America. This enables us to participate in annual conferences for senior staff, annual student conferences and have access to educational expertise across a whole range of areas. The LAHC also provides academic “audits” and Hiram Bingham has benefited from these at various times in its history.

In Peru, we are members of ADCA (the association of schools in Lima which have foreign origins and are all non profit making) which mainly provides the framework for a variety of sporting competitions and annual festivals of music, visual arts, dance and literature.

Our membership of ASCIBP (the association of IB schools in Peru) provides us with numerous and varied opportunities for teacher workshops in all three IB programmes.

The school is a member of the local network of the Alliance Francaise, which offers us important benefits. These include access for our students to their internationally recognised French language exams, access to their library resources and professional development opportunities for our French teachers.