Language and Learning Support

Our school understands the importance of providing equitable learning opportunities for all our students, according to their individual potential and needs. Therefore, it develops a set of actions to support them in their learning process, as well as in the process of comprehensive adaptation to the educational system.

Our language and learning support staff works closely with students and their teachers within the classroom setting and is committed to also work collaboratively with parents, and external specialists, when necessary.

Language Support: The Language Support department at Hiram Bingham has the primary responsibility of providing individual and small group assistance within the classroom during regular English and/or Spanish lessons as a second or additional language. This support is offered to students who:

  • Are new to the school and may temporarily have a language level different from the school’s expectations for the group.
  • Are newcomers from other countries with diverse language backgrounds, possibly speaking only one of our languages of instruction or none.
  • Have been at our school for some time but exhibit difficulties in language learning.

The first objectives of Language Support are to build and/or reinforce students’ knowledge of English and/or Spanish by providing them with the grammatical background, vocabulary, and language skills to ensure accurate, appropriate, and fluent use of these languages. Additionally, we aim to develop basic interpersonal communicative skills to allow students to confidently participate in day-to-day activities within the school community from the moment of their arrival. Thirdly, we promote the importance of our students’ home language and encourage its further development whenever possible.

The Language Support Department also plays a role in the pastoral care of Language Support students by maintaining close contact with tutors, families, and the Psychology Department to support the student in their settling-in process, socialization, and to provide information about school life and activities.

Learning Support:
At Hiram Bingham, the Learning Support Department endeavors to create an inclusive educational environment and provide individualized support to ensure that all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Specific responsibilities and functions include:

  1. Support Program Development: Designing and developing customized programs to meet the individual needs of students.
  2. Collaboration with Teachers: Working closely with the classroom teachers to ensure necessary adaptations are implemented in the classroom and that teachers are informed about students’ needs.
  3. Direct Student Support: Providing direct support to students, either in the classroom or outside, depending on their needs, and assisting students in developing effective learning strategies.
  4. Communication with Parents: Collaborating with parents to provide information, guidance, and support, and ensuring effective communication between the school and home.
  5. Coordination with External Professionals: Collaborating with external professionals, such as educational psychologists, therapists, and health specialists, to ensure a comprehensive approach to student support.
  6. Staff Training: Providing training and professional development for school staff on topics related to special needs and effective inclusive teaching strategies.