Student Care


The psycho-pedagogical team consists of two psychologists in Pre Primary, and two in Primary, who, in collaboration with the tutors, prioritize the well-being of our students at this level..

The team ensures the smooth process of adaptation and social integration among students and with teachers, providing constant support to both the students and their parents.

Working alongside the learning support team, and through observations, the team also contributes to the development of communication skills, motor skills, and cognitive development.

The psychologists also conduct workshops for parents, offering guidance on skill development, parenting, and specific topics related to each education level.

Our psycho-pedagogical team in Pre Primary and Primary


At Hiram Bingham Senior School,  there is a pastoral care team – formed by the Head of Pastoral Care, the psychologists and tutors – whose main concern is to look after student well-being.

This is why we promote a positive atmosphere in the school where relationships among all members of the school community are based on tolerance, mutual respect, care, understanding and sensitivity to the needs of others.

We monitor the development of students’ self-esteem, independence and self-discipline through a variety of activities such as team building exercises at the start of the academic year, weekly tutor sessions and workshops/ talks throughout the year, which seek to provide a foundation for making confident and informed decisions. These talks cover a wide range of areas including the proper use of social media, eating disorders, and the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. We also frequently provide workshops for parents.

They are responsible for the Pastoral workshops where specific topics are addressed once a week according to the age group, such as problem-solving, sexuality, etc.

Our senior school pastoral care team