Student Parent Conference

Conferences at Hiram Bingham occur at the conclusion of the first and third terms, playing a pivotal role in fostering the holistic development of our students. These gatherings provide a valuable platform for students to actively showcase recently acquired skills and knowledge, transcending a mere academic review. Instead, they serve as a strategic tool that significantly contributes to the agency and overall growth of our students.

Three way conference

In the Pre-Primary level, the initial conference involves individual meetings between the student’s family and tutors. These sessions delve into the child’s development during the adaptation process, establishing agreements to achieve specific goals. The tripartite conference, held at the end of the third term, sees the student, along with the tutor and parent, presenting achievements up to that point. This event plays a vital role in the comprehensive development of our students.

Student led Conference

In Primary, the Three Way Conference (parents-student-tutor) takes place in the first term, and the Student-led conference (student-parents) occurs in the third term. In Senior School, Student-Led Conferences, are held at the end of the first and third academic terms. These conferences play a pivotal role in the holistic development of our students, providing them with a valuable opportunity to actively showcase the skills and knowledge they have recently acquired. These conferences go beyond being a mere academic review; they constitute a strategic tool that significantly contributes to the agency and growth of our students.

The conference preparation process, which includes creating a portfolio with selected works and personal reflections, nurtures critical thinking, self-reflection, and the ability to express one’s learning coherently. This exercise not only highlights academic accomplishments but also underscores the development of skills and awareness of educational progress.

The conference format encourages active participation from parents alongside their children, fostering a conducive space for constructive dialogue. The opportunity to collectively assess achievements and identify areas of growth promotes a shared understanding between parents and children regarding the educational and personal journey of the students.

The following photos show scenes from a PYP Student-led Conference

Throughout the event, parents accompany their children to view art panels and displays of manual projects, emphasising not only the diversity of students’ skills but also reinforcing the significance of holistic education. Furthermore, parents and children partake in a sports moment with Physical Education and Swimming practices, introducing a physical and healthy dimension to the event and accentuating the importance of overall well-being in student development.

Ultimately, the conference process not only evaluates academic performance but also emerges as a potent tool for nurturing responsibility, reflection, and continuous growth in our students. This contributes to the development of independent, reflective, and committed individuals on their unique learning journeys.

The following photos show scenes from an MYP Student-led conference