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Thank you very much for your preference. Hiram Bingham The British International School of Lima welcomes you. Our strength lies in forming students who are true to themselves. We encourage respect for the learning processes of each of our students, valuing them as individual beings.

We work together, parents and teachers, forming a team that models the attributes of the HB Community profile. All of our students are important and receive continuous support throughout their development. The trust that parents place in our teachers, coordinators and support staff is essential for the education and training of our students.

Our School Motto

“TRUE TO THE END”, is a reflection of the values that we teach and that we encourage all members of the school community to follow. It implies being honest with oneself and with others, It means being consistent and coherent in your actions and aware of their consequences. It emphasises the importance of having consideration for others.

HB Community Profile

We promote the development of values through our community profile. It is expected that when a family joins our community, they show solidarity and respect with our profile and commit to actively incorporate these values into their own conduct.