The Senior School

Our Senior school level offers two International Baccalaureate programmes:

  • Middle Years Programme (MYP), from Grade 6 to Grade 9
  • Diploma Programme, from Grade 10 to Grade 11

In each grade level, we have two sections, each with a maximum of 25 students. Students start the day in their homerooms, with their tutors, who record their attendance. The daily schedule includes classes in the areas of Languages (Spanish, English and French), Sciences (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Systems and Societies), Arts (Visual Arts, Drama, and Music), Humanities, Design and Technology, Physical Education, Swimming, and Sports.

Although the class size is 25, in subjects such as English, Mathematics, and Arts, the number is smaller, since the grade levels are divided into three groups, in order to meet the individual learning needs of our students.

Our priority is to offer a personalised and balanced education in which the knowledge, skills and attitudes of each student are developed; helping and motivating them to reach their full potential in all areas.