HB Service

HB Service is an obligatory part of our curriculum for all our MYP students from Grades 6 to 9. It focuses on service learning, preparing them for the challenges which they will have in the CAS part of the Diploma programme.

Our objective is to emphasize learning based on experience and this experience comes through the different projects in which the children are engaged. Each project involves investigation, planning, action and reflection from our students. The complexity of the projects increases as the students advance through the MYP years.

In the investigation stage, the students search for information based on the characteristics of the project and the people they will be working with. At the same time, school prepares them through talks that provide the knowledge and background for the projects to be successful. The next stage is planning and this is done by starting from the basis of surveys which provide data on the needs of the group with which they will be working. This is a key element in order to plan the action stage of the project, upon which all success will depend.

The last stage is reflection, in which the students think about and discuss the learning process which they have undergone, the skills they have developed and the results of their work.

We currently have the following projects:




State nursery schools (PRONOEIS) in the district of Surco


Colegio Laura Alva Saldaña (for children with different abilities)


Programme with senior citizens organised by the Municipalidad de Surco


Colegio Fernando Wiese Eslava (for children with hearing difficulties)