Student Leaders

One of the key aims of our school is to develop leadership skills in our students and we do this in a number of ways. Every year we choose a Head Boy and a Head Girl, who take office in August of Grade 10 and continue until July of Grade 11. The selection process involves staff and students and the Head Boy and Head Girl are the overall student leaders. They are supported in their work by a team of prefects.

The personal qualities of the Head Students support the ethos of our school and embody the attributes of our school community profile. They are ambassadors for our school and are expected to be positive role models and leaders for their peers and younger students.

Head Students

Their main responsibilities are:

  • Conduct Assemblies and other important school events such as Graduation and Prize giving ceremonies.
  • Represent the student body at prospective parents’ visits around school.
  • Coordinate a team of Prefects and make sure they perform their duties.
  • Report to the Senior Management team, if required.
  • Chair the Student Council and ensure decisions are carried out.
  • Give key presentations about school when necessary.

Secondary school also has a very active Student Council, led by our Head Students, with representatives from each of the secondary school promotions. They meet, usually weekly, with our head of Pastoral Care and in general terms are the means by which our students can express their concerns and propose initiatives which they would themselves implement. In recent times these have included an “HB Spirit Week” (which focused on fun activities to promote community identification) and initiatives related to the environment.

Prefects - Student Council

In Primary school, our students are led by four monitors from Grade 5 who represent our four Houses. At the beginning of the school year, a member of each House is chosen among the ones who demonstrates that they have developed many of attributes of our HB Profile. Some of their responsibilities are leading the primary assemblies and promoting the participation of the members of their House in sports and artistic activities during the year.

Another group of Primary school leaders from Grade 5 are the mediators. They contribute actively to the solution of conflicts between their peers throughout Primary School, especially at break times.


2024 Monitors and Mediators