Inside DP

In 1998 we received authorisation from the International Baccalaureate Organization to offer the Diploma Program (DP). At Hiram Bingham we offer the Diploma to ALL of our Grade 10 and Grade 11 students.

The Diploma Programme is a comprehensive two-year curriculum, which enables the student to achieve an exceptionally high level of international education. It is a rigorous pre-university course of study that leads to examinations that allow direct entry to the best universities in more than 120 countries. Over a period of 50 years, IB students have been shown to be exceptionally well prepared for university work.

At Hiram Bingham all of our students complete the Diploma Programme and we are proud of the excellent results obtained. Typically, around 85% of each promotion earns the Diploma. In Peru, it is accepted as direct admission by all private universities as well as important public universities such as the Agrarian University and the UNI.

Ms. Martha Marengo
IB Diploma Coordinator

Diploma Programme Curriculum Framework

The Diploma programmme consists of subjects from six different groups. Candidates for the Diploma must select one subject from each of the six groups; three must be taken at a Higher Level and the rest at an Intermediate Level. In this way, students can explore some subjects in depth and others more broadly. Students often select their subjects based on how they project their vision and interests for their university studies.

Diploma academic options at HB

The range of academic options we offer is far greater than would normally be found in a school of our size. 

The extended essay

This is a 4,000-word argumentative essay based on independent research on a topic of special interest in any of the subjects studied, and conducted in the second year of the Diploma Programme. The essay requirement familiarises students with the kind of academic writing skills expected by universities.

Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS)

The aim of the IB programme is to form well-rounded, responsible and compassionate citizens. The CAS programme encourages students to share their energy and special talents with others. Students may, for example, participate in artistic productions, sports and community activities.

Through these activities, students develop greater self-awareness, concern for others, and the ability to work collaboratively. At Hiram Bingham, the principles related to CAS are instilled in the students from a young age, where they learn the importance of social service and develop their sensibility and sense of responsibility.

A significant proportion of our graduates continue to be involved in social service.

Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

This subject is unique to the International Baccalaureate and is a requirement intended to stimulate critical reflection on the knowledge and experience gained inside and outside of the classroom. It encourages students to see the connections between different subject areas. The course challenges students to question the bases of knowledge, to be aware of subjective and ideological postures, and to develop the ability to analyse evidence that is expressed as a rational argument.